Flatpack Assembly

Lifestyles dictate the products people consume. In the modern era, people have adopted a wandering lifestyle. Although it is a fun and exciting way of life, it also has many challenges. One major challenge is moving about with baggage in the form of cumbersome furniture and home appliances. People want more freedom to move about as they seek opportunities in different towns and cities. One solution that has grown in popularity over the years has been DIY flat pack items.

These are products that come in parts and the consumer has to assemble to use. Flatpack household items abound, with furniture being the most common.

Sometimes, flatpack assembly can be a challenge. We offer flatpack assembly services to help you settle smoothly when you move.

Most manufacturers provide manuals for their flatpack products. Consumers can set up their products with ease if they understand the manuals. However, sometimes it is easier said than done. Understanding the flatpack assembly instructions can be a tall order. Some consumers never have a good experience assembling their flat pack products. Some even give up before they are able to put the different parts together. Such consumers need flatpack assembly services to help them sort out their assembly problems.


Our Assembling Services

We are a company dedicated to help you with your flat pack assembly problems. We offer a range of assembly services for different products. We help assemble flatpack cabinets, flat pack wardrobes, and flat pack cupboards. We also help put together flat pack laundry appliances and flat pack kitchens. Furniture assembly is our forte and we excel in it. Our services aim at freeing you from the troubles of furniture assembly and flatpack assembly. With our varied services, you will get to enjoy smooth transitions as you move from one place to another or as you change your furniture and other home appliances.

Previously, most manufacturers sacrificed quality and appearance for function when designing and producing household items that could be disassembled and reassembled. However, in recent years, they have been investing in quality and aesthetic designs. That has led to high-quality, attractive products that are durable. Although you can disassemble them into smaller parts, they maintain a high quality that can serve you for long with proper use and maintenance.

Furniture has especially become stylish, incorporating modern trends in their designs. Although the products are lighter and easier to transport, they do not compromise on quality or beauty.

Our furniture assembly services cover a range of furniture items. From tables to chairs, to desks, we help you set up your furniture without hassle. We understand the frustration that you can face when assembling stuff.

Sometimes things just refuse to fit together despite your best efforts to follow the instructions from the manufacturer. We can help you avoid such frustration and save you time whether at home or at the office. We can help assemble or disassemble any kind of flat pack product.


Product Assembly


We all need a convenient way of organizing our outfits for easy access. A good wardrobe comes in handy to make life easy especially if we are constantly in a rush in the morning. A stylish wardrobe can add beauty to your room. However, putting up one can be a big pain. Our team of professional assemblers will help you put together your flat pack wardrobes regardless of their size or design. We will help you fit your wardrobe in the space available in your home.

Our experienced experts are able to work with different wardrobe styles and designs such as built-in closets or closet-compartment styles that have sliding doors.


There are different kinds of cabinets for different purposes. There are dining room cabinets, office cabinets, study room cabinets, living room cabinets and even bed room cabinets. They form an essential part of furniture in your home and office.

They provide storage space and help you have order in your home or work place. However, they are not easy to assemble. Depending on they design, flat pack cabinets may come in different parts that can be confusing. It can be a massive headache for someone that wants to have their cabinets up as fast as possible. The help of experienced assemblers thus comes in handy as they let you off the hassle of assembling the cabinets correctly.


Storage space is essential in any home. Good and sufficient storage space allows us to be neat and orderly in our homes. Cupboards have been an important asset in homes for many years.

Although their shape and design may have changed over the years, their function remains the same. In recent developments, flat pack cupboards have also become popular due to the flexibility they provide when moving.

The only challenge is setting them up or disassembling them when you want to move. They require a level of careful handling to avoid damaging errors. You can use your product manual to guide you in your setup.

However, if you face difficulties, it is important that you consult experts with experience assembling furniture. We have a team of experts ready to assist you with your product assembly.


Many people today are going for flexibility when choosing kitchen designs. The furniture or equipment that they acquire should allow them to change the look of the kitchen whenever they feel a change is necessary. The trend has shifted from the permanent kitchen infrastructure to an easy to adapt style. Flat pack kitchens come in different styles to suit the consumers’ tastes and preferences. You can have an L-shaped kitchen, a galley kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, or a studio kitchen.

The stylish designs improve the look of your kitchen while allowing you different levels of movement space. However, they are not easy to assemble. Although they are customized to your idea of your kitchen, flat pack kitchens involve too much work putting together. They usually involve different products such as base and upper cabinets and shelves that complement each other to give you’re your perfect kitchen set up. It is usually a wise idea to engage experts to guide you with your assembly.

It reduces the errors and frustrations. Our assemblers will help you achieve your dream look for your kitchen in no time.


People may think that the laundry room does not need so much attention in terms of aesthetics. However, there are several items that you need to invest in to have your laundry room convenient. Flat pack laundry products such as base and upper cabinets can give you an amazing finish to your laundry room. They offer more storage room and can also enhance the décor of your room. Adding other things like a sink increase the functionality of your laundry room, allowing it to serve multiple purposes.

However, to achieve that creative look for your laundry room, you need to know how to put together the different designs of flat pack laundry products. We are here to hold your hand and help you get through with your creative laundry ideas.

Other Furniture

In your home and office, there are many furniture items that help enhance the comfort and look of your environment. There are essential items like chairs, tables and book shelves that come in different shapes, sizes, styles and designs.

A shift to DIY furniture means that you will have a lot in your hands assembling the different products. That can be quite laboring as furniture assembly requires some patience to get everything right. Errors could ruin the products and cause you losses. It is therefore advisable to hire professionals that offer furniture assembly services.

You can get someone experienced to help you assemble your bed, sofa, dining table and chairs, wall unit, study desk, book shelves, shoe rack and other kinds of furniture. Hiring a professional has the advantage of having everything assembled at once and you do not have to worry about understanding the assembly instructions for each product.

Our lifestyles continue to shape our choices and the trends in the products we consume. As time passes, our need for flexible solution increases. Rigid product solutions, though durable and high-quality, are slowly getting out of favor. People today prefer ease of use and convenience in the products they buy. As a result, DIY products are on the rise.

Manufacturers are developing products that are very portable, yet they serve their original purpose. Disassembling of these products makes it easy to transport and maintain. However, assembling them can at times be a great hassle.

Although they come with manuals to guide you in setting them up, errors can at times be unavoidable. To avoid the assembly mistakes, which can be embarrassing or even harmful to your products, it is advisable to engage flatpackassembly services to help you unpack, assemble, install or disassemble these products.

As you seek to improve the look of your home, we can be part of a successful process through our furniture assembly services.

Make us your choice for highly satisfying services.